An extremely versatile range of protective coatings with a wide range of proven applications.

Concrete Coating & Flooring

Formulated with excellent flexibility and resistance to abrasion, corrosion, chemicals and impact, the LifeLast concrete coating system is ideal for use in a wide range of applications LifeLast's concrete coating system is easily applied and its quick cure time allows for a fast turnaround. Because it contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), LifeLast's flooring system is safe, easy to use and virtually odour free.


LifeLast DuraShield linings and coatings offer the ideal solution in the food and agribusiness for easily maintaining clean, smooth, corrosion-free surfaces in facilities, and for transportation and other equipment. Formulated as a high build, semi-gloss finish for interior and exterior steel, concrete, masonry, and cinder block, these products protect your entire operation. The pore-free surface that the DuraShield coating provides significantly mitigates the areas for bacteria to grow and since it holds up well to bleach and other aggressive cleaning solutions, can be decontaminated very quickly and readily.

Pulp & Paper

LifeLast linings and coatings got their start in 1988 protecting equipment in the pulp and paper industry. Lined tanks and paper rolls from the 80s are still in operation today. From paper rolls to storage vessels to wastewater systems, and even mill floors, LifeLast products provide economical, long-term protection for a wide variety of substrates and applications.

Water & Wastewater

LifeLast DuraShield polyurethanes have successfully lined and protected water and wastewater systems since 1988. LifeLast was challenged to provide corrosion protection solutions for very difficult applications and most of our oldest case histories are in very aggressive immersion environments. The original water and wastewater applications employing LifeLast polyurethanes are still operating today and are performing very well.

Wastewater Treatment

DuraShield polyurethanes protect both industrial and municipal wastewater systems. The very low permeability and excellent chemical resistance of DuraShield polyurethanes allow them to hold up well in a wide variety of wastewater systems.

Versatile ~ Quick & safe application ~ Flexible, Tough & hardwearing ~ Long service life

LifeLast DuraShield polyurethanes offer a great combination of physical properties. While they are generally hard and tough with very low permeability, they are also flexible, allowing them to handle expansion and contraction of the substrate, as well as impact and abrasion. This combination of physical properties renders them effective in a wide array of applications. They are especially effective in immersion applications like those present in the water and wastewater industry.